Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Printy Creatures

This is a really great tutorial from children's book illustrator Liz Anelli.
Liz shows us how to print different everyday objects and turn them in to different animals or creatures. This would be a great way to start a project and come up with character designs and illustrations or even frames for an animation.

Don't forget that the prints you make can be scanned in to the computer, and have colour added and manipulated how ever you like !

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Aidan Saunders/ Print Wagon- Lino Printing

Take a look at this article from 'People of Print' about a traveling illustrator and printmaker Aidan Saunders.

"The Print Wagon is a charming automobile dedicated to touring all of illustrator, linocut artist and 
printmaker Aidan Saunders’s work to a national print fanatics across Britain. Saunders decided to 
start out this extraordinary journey earlier in April and since then he has traveled over 7,000 miles across the country, showcasing his freshly-pressed prints in many different places"

 A selection of the prints Aidan prints and sell from his mobile studio.

You can see how Aidan develops his original linocuts in to multilayered screen prints and digital illustration below. 

Working in Lino can create a recognisable aesthetic that can add an element of hand made charm to your work. Initial prints can be scanned and developed digitally for web use , digital prints or screen prints. Why not pop down to the print room and have a go yourself? 

Check out http://cargocollective.com/Printwagon to see more of Aidan's work. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

New Wood Type - Letterpress

The print room has just received a new set of wood type!
It is a 18 Line uppercase type.

Since the Alan Kitching talk we have seen an abundance of quality letter press work, with great use of colour and layout. Keep it up!

For any of you who missed out be sure to check out his work.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Letterpress- Georgia Quaddy- Graphic design

Third year graphic design student Georgia Quaddy has been experimenting with letterpress for her final major project. Not being one to be scared of working at scale and feeling limited by the size type we hold in the letterpress studio, Georgia decided to cut her own. 
Georgia laser cut a number of A's out of a variety of materials including; card, acrylic and mdf. We were then able to test which worked best and experiment with different inking techniques.
We can wait to see how this idea develops and Georgia's final outcomes at the end of year show.

Animation- Monoprint Workshop

A few photos from an animation monoprint work shop we ran. The animations students learnt a number of mono printing techniques with the aim to develop a character or background loop.
It was really exciting to see these mono print techniques being approached with the intention for the outcomes to become animated, its not something we see everyday here in the print room.
We can't wait to see how the animators develop the ideas over the coming weeks and the final animations.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Number Through Print- Illustration- Level 5

Happy New Year to All. Please excuse the distinct lack of blog posts of late, before the Christmas break the print room was bursting at the seams with students producing beautiful prints across the whole of the print room.

This is a selection of print work that was created by our level 5 Illustration students for the number through print project.
Wyman Babbage

            Emily Allison                                                   Aggie Davies

Rachel Brain
Adam Prentice

Ella Tomkins
A selection of work exhibited in the studio

Livy Nelson
Eden Medcalf

Joe Parker

Craig Arnold

Alex Firmin-Brooks

Aaron Baker

Aggie Davies

Friday, 24 October 2014

Lino Cuts- Illustration - Level 5

Here are a handful of linocuts that have been printed over the past couple of weeks by our  illustrators.

Alex Firmin Brooks

Joe Parker

 Jordan Baines

 Livy Nelson
Rachael Brain

If you would like to try your hand at lino talk to one of our technicians.